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Näytetään blogitekstit, joiden ajankohta on heinäkuu, 2016.

Pärnu, Estonia Dog shows 8-10.07.2016

8.7.2016 Pärnu 

Speciality dog show for group 1
Judge Noreen Harris, Australia

Just You Of Crystal Lake VG
Julsamorous I Got Rythm EXC4
Seventy Seven Champagne Bubbles EXC3
Guess Guess Guess EXC1,CQ, 3rd best female, CAC, -> New Estonian Champion
Julsamorous Guess Of Love VG
Kennel Julsamoros BOB breeder with HP and also Best In Show 1 breeder.
Julsamorous Guess Of Love Julsamorous Guess Guess Guess Julsamorous I Got Rythm BIS 1 breeder

9.07.2016 Pärnu International Dog Show Judge: Elena Rukovaara, Finland
Julsamorous Guess Of Game EXC2, CQ, RES CACIB Julsamorous I Got Rythm EXC1, CQ, BOB junior, JUN CAC, 3rd best female Julsamorous Guess Guess Guess EXC1, CQ, Best female, CACIB, BOS Julsamorous Guess Of Love EXC2 Kennel Julsamorous 2nd best breeder with HP.

10.07.2016 Pärnu International Dog Show Judge: Marja Talvitie, Finland
Julsamorous Guess Of Game EXC2 Julsamorous I Got Rythm VG Julsamorous Guess Guess Guess VG Julsamorous Guess Of Love EXC1, CQ, 3rd best female RES-CACIB

Julsamorous Gues…

Helsinki puppy show 2.7.2016

Amazing day in warm Helsinki! :-)
Our little babys ( Bamba&Radomir puppies) compeeted today in their first puppy show! Helsinki all breed puppy show 2.7.2016 Breed judge: Veli-pekka Kumpumäki Julsamorous Kind Like My Idol
best puppy male, with HP, BOB puppy, BOG4 puppy Julsamorous Kind Like Radomir
3rd best puppy male Julsamorous King Of Hearts
2nd best puppy male with HP Julsamorous Keep Dancing
First female puppy,with HP, BOS puppy Julsamorous Kickstart My Heart
2nd best female puppy with HP Kennel Julsamorous BOB breeder and also BIS 1 breeder!!!!!! 
Huge thanks to group judge Irina Poletaeva! We are so thankful!
Also Julsamorous Kind Like My Idol & Julsamorous Keep Dancing (North & Ziggy) BIS 4 pair!! Huge thanks to our dear friends, puppy owners without you, this wouldn't be possible